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Latest News

10 December 2005
Release of KIWI version 15. Improved user interface, request log and more web options including pages optimised for PDAs and Blackberry.

15 November 2005
Low Hanging Fruit completes review of financial software capabilities for major retailer.


Through our consultancy services there are times when we identify a recurring need for a cost effective software solution to a particular business need. If this solution cannot be met by existing products we will consider developing a product of our own. The first such product to be developed and now commercially available is KIWI.

KIWI, which loosely stands for Intenet Web Interface, (but more importantly is a low hanging fruit) is a standalone product that can interface to almost any database, configure the data how you wish and publish it on the web. The data is readable by any standard browser. Customers can be kept up to date with job progress, sales staff can check quotes, sales and inventory, business managers can check figures from anywhere anytime. The product can be installed, configured and running within a day at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions. More