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Latest News

10 December 2005
Release of KIWI version 15. Improved user interface, request log and more web options including pages optimised for PDAs and Blackberry.

15 November 2005
Low Hanging Fruit completes review of financial software capabilities for major retailer.


Our Services include

  • Assessment of Business Performance that could Benefit from Software Upgrades
  • Assistance with Specification and Procurement of Software
  • Optimisation and Configuration of Existing Software
  • Training and Process Reengineering around software use
  • Development of Custom Software for Unique Situations

Our process entails detailed analysis of business needs with everyone from the general manager to all staff and stakeholders impacted by the process under investigation.

Our Capabilities include

  • Static Web Sites - design and deploy
  • Dynamic Websites - linked to inventory, database, accounts, production software
  • Databases - develop small standalone to large multiuser mission critical applications
  • Data Exchange - reduce double entry, streamline processes